Human Resources

    We strive to establish an environment where our all our employees can work efficiently and bring forward the creativity thereof under the principle of "Our most valuable possession is our human source" in a climate based on mutual respect and trust. What actually constitutes the core of Mastaş is our dedicated and selflessly working professional staff with high values. Thereby our mission as the Human Resources Department is as follows:

    - To maintain team working, entrepreneurship, creativity and efficiency;

    - To ensure that our employees are open to development and innovation targeted to meet the client requirements and expectations;

    - To allow our employees to undertake responsibility and use the initiatives thereof as regards issues germane to their engagement fields;

    - To have all the managers specialized in field of human resources and execution of the processes without needing human sources department in case of electing employees;

    - To perpetuate our policy of right man for the right job

    - To Ensure the Maintenance of our Work System

    - To provide Continuous Improvement in Working Conditions

    - To get rid of deficiencies in working environment

    - To contribute to the performance of our employees

    - To be fair in business distribution and remuneration

    - To award sedulity and productivity skills. "Great achievements are actualized through big thinking individuals. Come and partake in this target of us!"

    If your goal is development we are on the same road ...
    One of the most significant factors to contribute to Mastaş's overall vision as to becoming the leading brand in Turkish and international market is definitely training creative and innovative managers and leaders who continuously observe the change in technology, customer expectations and create difference and reflect such qualities to the works thereof and thus take forward the company. 

    To establish an environment where the employees are aware the potentials and powers thereof in line with the principle of "Each individual is the very leader of his work" and inspired to acquire an investigative and inquiring approach and recognize the value of time and are individuals who constantly renew the targets thereof and turn learning to a lifestyle habit and thus make contributions to the company, and thus cause them come to distinctive points in their individual carriers. 

    Every year, Training Needs of our employees in accordance with the knowledge, skills and abilities required through the offices thereof are duly determined and a Training Plan is created and Trainings that will improve their skills and personalities in the works they perform within and without the company are conducted. In this context the company provides the following: 

    - Developing measures germane to work health and safety
    - Development of the quality consciousness 
    - Developing skills of the employees
    - Developing the maintenance of work order
    - Development of the acquirement of high performance
    - Development and implementation of general working principles.

    The application form for internship on our website has to be filled completely in order that internship applications are deemed eligible for assessment. Applicants that pass the pre-assessment will be interviewed in person and the students that are accepted for internship will be notified through e-mail or phone.

    High-school Internships
    High-school Internships in MASTAŞ A.Ş. are accepted within the month of June and will be conducted during the school period, namely between September-June. Each and every student who wants to make internship in our company has to fill out the online internship application form completely.

    University Internships
    The university internship application is between the dates of 15 April – 15 May. Each and every student who wants to make internship in our company from Turkey or abroad has to fill out the online internship application form completely. The human sources department will conduct the assessments at the end of May. University internship period occurs between the months of June – July – August.

    You can apply for a job at our company by filling out the form below. While filling the application form, you need to upload your detailed CV from the Upload CV section. Your CV may have pdf extension. Applications without a CV attached will not be considered.

    You can apply for an internship at our company by filling out the form below. (Please write the details of the section in the note section. Also, if you have a CV, we recommend you to upload it.) The internship application form is a pre-application form, please contact our company after submitting your information.

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