Guarantee Applications

Guarantee Applications

Our dear customer,

Our registration system with product serial number is not active since it has not been activated yet. Your warranty card is your invoice and you just need to keep it. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you use it with a warm smile.

For any malfunctions, complaints and requests regarding the product you have purchased, firstly call444 5 427Customer Support Line. Our digital convector and fan heaters are packaged after calibration adjustment.

For Technical Service, deliver the products to the factory with our contracted cargo, Aras Kargo, and by specifying the customer / contract code76000024212.



ivigo Panel Oil Filled Radiator
ivigo Digital Panel Oil Filled Radiator
ivigo Manuel Electric Heater With Fan
ivigo Digital Electric Heater With Fan
ivigo Turbo Underdesk Foot Heater
ivigo Foot Heater
ivigo Exclusive Key Lock


ivigo Manual Convector Heater
ivigo Digital Convector Heater
ivigo Professional Convector Heater
ivigo Electric Towel Warmer
ivigo Professional Towel Warmer



Mastaş Panel Radiator
Mastaş Decorative Radiator
Mastaş Towel Radiator
Solaris Panel Radiator


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